Corporate Counsel & Compliance Exchange

London, UK

April 2016

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Rethinking legal and compliance operations to extract the best value from limited resources at a time of increased regulatory oversight

Embrace change or get left behind.

The business world is changing at an unparalleled pace, taking corporate legal and compliance executives through unexplored terrains.

Doing more with less is no longer sufficient for in-house leaders to keep ahead of the game; the new normal in legal department management is attained by way of continuous improvements in process and resourcing with the aim of doing less – and more efficiently.

At the same time, mounting regulatory pressures must be met impeccably to guarantee business operability, just as new technologies and digital applications are increasing connectivity and creating concerns over data ownership and security.

To establish leadership, progressive legal and compliance minds must deftly support the business by balancing compliance, cost control and value generation.

If you are also faced with these challenges, the 14th Corporate Counsel & Compliance Exchange will give you the chance to network and exchange critical ideas and experiences with a world-class group of legal and compliance practitioners.

Regulators, law firms and technology providers will also join the General Counsel and Compliance Chiefs in attendance to discuss how they can help drive business growth whilst mitigating risks in an era of unrelenting budget pressures and soaring regulatory oversight.


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  • Continuous Improvement in Outside Counsel Spending and Relationships
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  • Corporate Counsel and Corporate Compliance Exchange: Top Investment Priorities in 2015 Infographic
    Ahead of the Corporate Counsel & Corporate Compliance Exchange, 20th - 22nd April 2015 we have surveyed the General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officers attending the event to understand their biggest legal and compliance challenges, and which services and solutions they plan to invest in over the next 6 - 18 months. Download your copy to find out the results of this cross-industry survey.

  • Interactive Legal and Compliance Map: The Road Ahead for General Counsel & Compliance ChiefsInteractive Legal and Compliance Map: The Road Ahead for General Counsel & Compliance Chiefs
    We asked leading General Counsel and Compliance Chiefs to share their insights into the future of their role. They told us about the key challenges and opportunities they expect to find ahead including soaring regulatory oversight and, internally, the ever increasing drive towards efficiency. 

    Are you curious to see if the 2015 outlook for companies such as Shell and Swisscom is similar to yours? Check out our Road Ahead infographic to find out more!