Compliance Strategy

Together or Apart? Modelling the Legal and Compliance Functions to Best Match the Company Structure and Demands

Brian Daly, Group Managing Counsel for Europe & Canada at Merck/MSD and Tim Minall, GE Capital’s Chief Compliance Officer, discuss their diverging approaches to structuring and managing the legal and compliance functions.

Corporate Compliance Focus – Balancing Risk and Return by Guaranteeing Business Operability without Compromising Reputation

Tele2’s Caroline Fellenius-Omnell, Maersk Group’s Joseph Simon and Baker Hughes’ John Upton explore common drawbacks and expose successful strategies they experienced in the implementation of compliance and regulatory change programmes.

Bolstering the International Compliance Strategy to Prosper in Emerging Markets

The Head of Ethics & Compliance at Balfour Beatty Kathryn Higgs, and Honeywell Aerospace’s VP & GC EMEAI Jan Strzebniok take the stage to share very practical experiences and anecdotes on keeping global companies compliant in emerging markets and high-risk regions. Tackling both regulatory and cultural considerations, they discuss how to manage risks as businesses are facing increasing complexities. 

Q&A with AXA Assistance General Counsel: Compliance Strategy During Global Expansion

Watch this snappy Q&A discussion with AXA Assistance’s General Counsel, Joanne Hindle, to find out why she is focussing more on compliance than legal, and what type of external providers they are using during their global expansion.

Out-Sourcing Vs. In-Sourcing Your Legal and Compliance Needs

This interactive session features top legal executives from household names O2 UK, BT Group, Müller. The group of experts debugs strategies and resources available to craft the right delivery model for your legal organisation. Engineering the right balance between in-house work and external support will help you drive efficiencies and minimise costs.

The Tricks of the Trade for Tackling Global Compliance Risk Proactively

Hans Albers, Senior Director and Associate General Counsel EMEA, Juniper Networks, Koen Laagland, Senior Legal Counsel, Nutreco NV and Maciej Hajewski, Chief Risk and Compliance Officer, Risk Management Department, AEGON provide practical advice on doing business in their global jurisdictions. Get tips on handling regulatory demands, working with local authorities and ensuring you have a robust compliance programme.

From Asia To Africa And South America: Doing Business In Emerging Markets Whilst Remaining Compliant

At the April 2014 Corporate Counsel & Corporate Compliance Exchange, Dr. Ramon Sieveking, Head of Legal Services International Asia/CIS, Metro AG, Janet McCarthy, Group General Counsel, Metalor and Gönenç Gürkaynak, Managing Partner, ELIG, Attorneys-at-Law share their insights and advice on doing business in emerging markets across a wide range of jurisdictions through a series of real life examples.

Metalor General Counsel Interview: Doing Business in Emerging Markets Whilst Remaining Compliant

Janet McCarthy, Group General Counsel, Metalor spoke with the Legal Exchange Network about how to overcome challenges in relation to compliance in emerging markets, including tips on local connections. If your company is expanding, or you need to roll out a global compliance programme, this interview is a ‘must see.’

A View from Michelin on How to Stay Compliant with the Developing Global Competition Law Landscape

A View from Michelin on How to Stay Compliant with the Developing Global Competition Law Landscape

Patrick Wilkins of TalklawGlobal interviews Johanne Peyre, Head of Antitrust at Michelin to discuss the exciting work she and her team are doing to ensure global anti-trust compliance. Covering topics such as training employees globally, Johanne shares lessons General Counsel can apply in their own organisation.