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2017 Corporate Counsel and Compliance Exchange October Post-Event Report

Take a look at some of the themes and sessions that took place at the 2017 Corporate Counsel & Compliance Exchange by downloading the Post Event Report which covers: 

  • Exclusive insights into the delegates top areas of investment for 2017 – 2018
  • Key attendance stats so you can see just who participated
  • Unique sessions insights with Director of SFO, ICO's say on the GDPR and interviews

And much more! Download the report now.

Interactive Legal and Compliance Map: The Road Ahead for General Counsel & Compliance Chiefs

We asked leading General Counsel and Compliance Chiefs to share their insights into the future of their role. They told us about the key challenges and opportunities they expect to find ahead including soaring regulatory oversight and, internally, the ever increasing drive towards efficiency. 

Are you curious to see if the 2015 outlook for companies such as Shell and Swisscom is similar to yours? Check out our Road Ahead infographic to find out more! 

Analysing the General Counsel-law firm relationship

The Corporate Counsel and Compliance Exchange got together with Briefing magazine to research both sides of the law firm management-client equation. The result? This unique report into how well both sides understand what they want – and what they get.

In the modern business, the General Counsel must act as a clairvoyant, adding value to the company and proactively mitigating risk. General Counsel are therefore searching for the perfect law firm that truly understands their business needs. Download this report to discover the results.


Top Investment Priorities in 2017 Infographic

We have surveyed the General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officers attending the 2017 Exchange to understand their biggest legal and compliance challenges, and which services and solutions they plan to invest in over the next 6 - 18 months. Download your copy to find out the results of this cross-industry survey.

Pressure Mounts on the General Counsel - How Can One General Counsel Add Value, Closely Control Costs and Manage Global Risk?

Download this new industry eBook to hear how Deutsche Bahn turned it’s competition law department from a cost to a profit centre in just 12 months, how the General Counsel of DCNS sets the right KPIs and metrics, how Covidien are using shared services and external legal solutions to drive efficiencies in their in-house legal department and much more


Continuous Improvement in Outside Counsel Spending and Relationships

Watch this insightful interview to hear how Hans von der Linde, General Counsel Downstream helped transform Shell’s external legal panel, part of what Shell call continuous improvements, a necessary part of such a competitive business. Also find out how Hans balances trust versus competition issues and why he needs to see some competitive edge when selecting firms. 


2016 Corporate Counsel and Compliance Exchange Post-Event Report

Take a look at some of the themes and sessions that took place at the 2015 Corporate Counsel & Compliance Exchange by downloading the Post Event Report which covers: 
  • Exclusive insights into the delegates top areas of investment for 2016 – 2017
  • Key attendance stats so you can see just who participated
  • Unique sessions insights with Director of SFO, ICO's say on the GDPR and interviews with Shakespeare Martineau's Client and Markets Director
And much more! Download the report now.

Next big task on the agenda for GCs and CCOs in 2016

The Corporate Counsel and Compliance Exchange asked the best General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officers across Europe what will be the next big task on their agenda and how they plan to tackle it. The infographic will give you the edge as we move into 2016 showing you what to expect; take a look at the infographic to see how it compares with your plans and predictions.

The Corporate Counsel & Compliance Exchange 2015 Post Event Report

Take a look at some of the themes and sessions that took place at the 2015 Corporate Counsel & Compliance Exchange by downloading the Post Event Report which covers: 

  • Exclusive insights into the delegates top areas of investment for 2015 – 2016
  • Key attendance stats so you can see just who participated
  • Unique interviews with the Chief Legal Officer at Western Union, the Deputy Chief Privacy Officer at Aon and the General Counsel at AXA Assistance
And much more!

The Future of Law: Become a Business Leader for your Organisation

Download this eBook to explore the ways that senior legal professionals are tackling the challenge of using their legal acumen to become a business leader at their organisation and get a seat at the decision-making table.

The eBook includes panel discussions from General Counsels from Sonos, Fujitsu and Siemens Wind Power and Renewables Division as well as Unisys, Luxottica and Gategroup.

Download the eBook now to discover the future of law and the tactics to become a business leader.


Q&A with OneSavings Bank’s Group General Counsel: Utilising Progressive Law Firms and Being a Business Rather than Pure Legal Adviser

Zoe Bucknell, Group General Counsel and Company Secretary at OneSavings Bank Plc speaks insightfully on why she uses progressive and flexible law firms, the latest Regulations she is tracking on the horizon, including the European Credit Directive, plus the work she is doing to move more towards the US model where the legal team take a more business role rather than a pure legal one.

The Power of Persuasion: How You Can Become More Influential In The Boardroom

Nigel Jeremy, Global Head of Learning, Recruitment & Organisation Development at M&S shares practical lessons to show General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officers how they can be more persuasive in the boardroom, how to get your message heard.

Nike and Shell Panel Session: Is the Way that you Choose to Work With your External Counsel Right For You?

Watch this information packed panel debate between Hans von der Linde, General Counsel, Downstream at Shell International Limited and Fabrizio Mecozzi, Vice President and Europe General Counsel at Nike, moderated by David Paige, Managing Director, Legal Fee Advisors, to discover tips on how to measure value in a law firms’ proposition, transparency, how to reduce your law firm panel and many more related topics.


How BT is Transforming the Legal and Compliance Departments into Revenue Centres

Hear from Gareth Tipton, Director of Compliance and COO at BT Group who in this practical interview delves into the interesting initiatives they have been implementing at BT to help transform the legal and compliance departments into revenue centres.

Driving Profit from your Legal Department through a New Business Model

Christopher Rother's department at Deutsche Bahn has received the European Counsel Award as Competition Team 2013 and in this podcast we find out why! Four years ago, Christopher and competition law team have embarked on a journey to generate profit for the business. In this interview, Christopher talks about how he and his team have achieved this through a proactive, systematic approach to private enforcement of anti-trust claims.

How Covidien’s General Counsel Adds Value to the Business and Drives Efficiencies through Shared Services and Outsourcing

Tom Ford provides insights into Covidien’s Shared Service model and their support of the legal and compliance needs of the business. Tom explains how his in-house counsel team brings value to the business through introducing technologies. Plus, he discusses the importance of streamlining processes by understanding what the business and sales teams’ need and moves on to describe the cost and resource benefits of third generation legal outsourcing. Finally, Tom looks at the legal risk management and compliance challenges that lie ahead.


Managing Corruption Risks: Steps Which Should Be Taken To Protect Your Organisation And Employees

Watch this 2014 presentation to learn about managing corruption risks at home and globally from Keith Falconer, Group Head of Compliance & Financial Crime at Standard Life plc, Stephan Mechnig-Giordano, General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer, Unternehmensgruppe Theo Müller and Peter Utterström, Senior Counsel, Hellstrom Law.

Vodafone’s Global Anti-Bribery and Compliance Initiatives: How to Keep Compliance Fresh

Tamara Northcott, Head of Group Anti-bribery and Compliance, Vodafone Group, speaks with the Legal Exchange Network about her recent and upcoming priorities. Watch this video to learn more about gifts and hospitality, driving efficiencies in a global compliance team and the use of a global portal to share knowledge internally and with your external firms.


Overcoming Compliance Challenges at Standard Life with Anti-Bribery, Anti-Financial Crime and Regulatory Compliance Tools

The Legal Exchange Network caught up with Keith Falconer, Group Head of Compliance & Financial Crime at Standard Life plc.to discuss how they have handled the compliance challenges that have arisen as a result of sponsoring the Ryder Cup. Plus hear more about Standard Life’s anti-bribery, anti-financial crime and regulatory compliance tools and much more.


TelefÓnica General Counsel Interview: Outsourcing vs In-Sourcing in the Legal Department

Edward Smith, General Counsel of TelefÓnica UK Limited, speaks to the Legal Exchange Network about out-sourcing versus in-sourcing plus the factors he takes into consideration when selecting external law firms. Watch this video to learn about the transformation of the legal team and what skills tomorrow’s lawyers need to take a legal department to the next level.

Procter & Gamble General Counsel Interview: Selecting External Counsel & Building a High Calibre Team

Procter & Gamble’s Yves De Bruyne, General Counsel Europe, Middle East & Africa speaks about how he goes about selecting which external law firms to work with, how to select between large international and more boutique firms, plus how to control legal costs. Yves goes onto share insights into how to develop and retain high calibre in-house lawyers.

Applying Metrics & KPIs in Legal & Compliance Departments: a DCNS Perspective

Patrick Wilkins of TalklawGlobal spoke with Adam Smith, Group General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer at the defence giant, DCNS, to hear how he has gone about developing KPIs & metrics for their legal and compliance departments and why it is so important to understand what management are really looking for from your department.

Managing Legal Teams Internationally as a General Counsel: Communication and the Use of External Legal Solutions

Dr. Susanne Marston, VP & General Counsel – EMEA at Eaton spoke to Patrick Wilkins of TalklawGlobal to share her experiences of structuring and managing legal teams internationally. Topics covered include the role of communication, how to become a business partner and how streamline processes.

Q&A with Western Union: Controlling Legal Spend and Managing New Regulations

Western Union’s Christopher Fischer, Associate General Counsel and Chief Legal Officer EMEA, speaks with the Corporate Counsel Exchange about what steps they have been taking to get legal spend under control, what types of external partners he values in driving legal department efficiency plus regulations on his radar, such as the new anti-money laundering regulations.

Tomorrow’s Legal Department – Re-Thinking Resource Management and the Sourcing Mix to Effectively Support the Business

Facilitated by the co-founder of ABS pioneer Riverview Law Adam Shutkever, this is a hands-on discussion about the future of the legal department, aiming to answer crucial questions such as how much and what kind of work should be delegated to shared services centres or outsourced to non-traditional providers. Nestlé’s Nina Cronstedt, Philip Morris’ Alexander Rohde and Novartis’ Maurus Schreyvogel share where they are along their journey to tomorrow’s legal department.

Legal and Compliance Priorities: People Management, Regulatory and Technological Change

MasterCard’s Head of Legal and Company Secretary for MasterCard Prepaid Management Services, Hemal Parekh, speaks about the priorities for his legal team right now, including: how to find the right people for the right roles in the legal team; determining whether they have the right external providers; utilisation of metrics; plus how to handle the challenges resulting from the fact that in many regions, regulatory frameworks are not keeping pace with technological change. 

General Counsel Providing Integrated Solutions Involving the Business

Mark Maurice-Jones, Associate General Counsel EMEA, Kimberly-Clark speaks with the Exchange about how they have structured their legal department to meet business demands, discussing internal and external resources, plus what external factors Mark thinks will have the biggest impact on the General Counsel’s role in the next few years. Mark explains their goals as a department: “rather than just be pure service providers, we need to provide integrated solutions in which the business is involved.”

Q&A with one of the Most Innovative In-House Legal Teams of 2014: Atos International

Atos International ranked fourth in the FT’s Most innovative European In-house legal teams 2014. So what is their secret? You can find out by watching this great interview with Executive Vice President and Group General Counsel of Atos International, Alexandre Menais. Alexandre discusses the steps they took to transform their legal department plus what factors he sees as impacting the General Counsel role going forward.

Corporate Governance Crisis: The Role of The General Counsel when Things Go Wrong

Telecom Italia’s General Counsel, Head of Legal Affairs & Secretary to the Board of Directors, Antonino Cusimano, opens up about the General Counsel’s role in a corporate crisis, including preparation, the reaction plus how to assess the legal consequences and managing them.


A View from Michelin on How to Stay Compliant with the Developing Global Competition Law Landscape

Patrick Wilkins of TalklawGlobal interviews Johanne Peyre, Head of Antitrust at Michelin to discuss the exciting work she and her team are doing to ensure global anti-trust compliance. Covering topics such as training employees globally, Johanne shares lessons General Counsel can apply in their own organisation.

Together or Apart? Modelling the Legal and Compliance Functions to Best Match the Company Structure and Demands

Brian Daly, Group Managing Counsel for Europe & Canada at Merck/MSD and Tim Minall, GE Capital’s Chief Compliance Officer, discuss their diverging approaches to structuring and managing the legal and compliance functions.

Corporate Compliance Focus – Balancing Risk and Return by Guaranteeing Business Operability without Compromising Reputation

Tele2’s Caroline Fellenius-Omnell, Maersk Group’s Joseph Simon and Baker Hughes’ John Upton explore common drawbacks and expose successful strategies they experienced in the implementation of compliance and regulatory change programmes.

Bolstering the International Compliance Strategy to Prosper in Emerging Markets

The Head of Ethics & Compliance at Balfour Beatty Kathryn Higgs, and Honeywell Aerospace’s VP & GC EMEAI Jan Strzebniok take the stage to share very practical experiences and anecdotes on keeping global companies compliant in emerging markets and high-risk regions. Tackling both regulatory and cultural considerations, they discuss how to manage risks as businesses are facing increasing complexities. 

Q&A with AXA Assistance General Counsel: Compliance Strategy During Global Expansion

Watch this snappy Q&A discussion with AXA Assistance’s General Counsel, Joanne Hindle, to find out why she is focussing more on compliance than legal, and what type of external providers they are using during their global expansion.

Out-Sourcing Vs. In-Sourcing Your Legal and Compliance Needs

This interactive session features top legal executives from household names O2 UK, BT Group, Müller. The group of experts debugs strategies and resources available to craft the right delivery model for your legal organisation. Engineering the right balance between in-house work and external support will help you drive efficiencies and minimise costs.

The Tricks of the Trade for Tackling Global Compliance Risk Proactively

Hans Albers, Senior Director and Associate General Counsel EMEA, Juniper Networks, Koen Laagland, Senior Legal Counsel, Nutreco NV and Maciej Hajewski, Chief Risk and Compliance Officer, Risk Management Department, AEGON provide practical advice on doing business in their global jurisdictions. Get tips on handling regulatory demands, working with local authorities and ensuring you have a robust compliance programme.

From Asia To Africa And South America: Doing Business In Emerging Markets Whilst Remaining Compliant

At the April 2014 Corporate Counsel & Corporate Compliance Exchange, Dr. Ramon Sieveking, Head of Legal Services International Asia/CIS, Metro AG, Janet McCarthy, Group General Counsel, Metalor and Gönenç Gürkaynak, Managing Partner, ELIG, Attorneys-at-Law share their insights and advice on doing business in emerging markets across a wide range of jurisdictions through a series of real life examples.

Metalor General Counsel Interview: Doing Business in Emerging Markets Whilst Remaining Compliant

Janet McCarthy, Group General Counsel, Metalor spoke with the Legal Exchange Network about how to overcome challenges in relation to compliance in emerging markets, including tips on local connections. If your company is expanding, or you need to roll out a global compliance programme, this interview is a ‘must see.’


Preparing to Face Expanding Data Privacy Regulation to Prevent Rampant Penalties and Costly Reputational Crisis

In this timely discussion facilitated by Baker & McKenzie’s Partner Brian Hengesbaugh, Mark Keddie and Brad Bryant – the Chief and Deputy Chief Privacy Officers at BT and Aon – along with Baker & McKenzie’s Head of IT & Communications practice Harry Small share thoughts and practical experiences related to the increasing importance of data privacy issues and the upcoming regulatory changes in Europe.

Müller Group General Counsel Interview: Managing Corruption Risk & the New Data Protection Regulations

Stephan Mechnig-Giordano, General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer at Unternehmensgruppe Theo Müller, was brought in to reform the legal function and build a compliance function. Hear how he tackles corruption risk and ensures employees stay compliant. Also Stephan shares his thoughts on how to handle the new data protection rules.

Talking Data Privacy Technology and Regulatory Changes with Aon

Aon’S Deputy Chief Privacy Officer, Brad Bryant talks about the tools Aon use to help managing data privacy, where the gaps are in the vendor offerings plus what companies need to be doing to prepare for the upcoming data protection regulation changes.